Thank you for happy sunlight
entering the room where I sit,
for the dark brown knots of
the wood peering at me like eyes,
for the tiled colors of this warm rug.

Thank you for the leaves we moved
into their new home in the backyard
gulch, for the tasty novelty taco
shop I was pleased to obsess over
for its two-month pop-up stint,
for the chance to open the door and
smile and thank the postwoman.

Thank you for health of body and
mind and for the mystery of their
successful partnership.

Thank you for food and clothing,
first from the love of my mother and
father and now from work of my own.

Thank you for the satisfaction of
the benefit and joy of others,
for sensible, earnest company,
for the freedom to be myself.

Thank you for the compliments I
receive on my socks.

Thank you for companions with
whom to share my struggles,
for listening ears, for the times
we said “me too”.

Thank you for the eagerness of
young children to speak freely, and for
adults who still know how to be young.

Thank you for just enough at all times,
for growth despite its pain,
for the slow work of healing.

Thank you for where I have been,
for where I will be,
for all I have loved,
in space and in time.