I came into this world,
and soon discovered
that everything handed
down to me was odd.

I’ve found many things
need to change. Most
people think everything is
normal, but it’s only
because they haven’t
stopped yet to consider.

My talents could make me
rich, but I am content to
live in a shoebox and
dress as a common man.

Power could be mine,
but there are greater
ambitions to live
for than power.

Others have not taken
this path, but I have
chosen to question
their assumptions.

I think deeply about
things and wish others
would do likewise. I wish
I could befriend them all.

I’m not comfortable with
the world the way it is.
Attempts at change are
a risk, but what could be
more important?

I just want to make the
world a better place,
and for this I must die.