Gaining Control

When working, think as if you are in a box.
Today, you will need to make this object,
whether physical or virtual,
end up in this place and in this state.
This will not necessarily matter to someone else.
You will keep your job because you
smile at the people who pay you.

Your goal is to stay alive for another day.
This implies food and drink,
preferably all ground up into one mixture.
They all go to the same place, after all.

Time is just a number.
There is no need to do anything more
special today than you did yesterday.

Don’t try to do anything too ambitious,
because then you might fail.
When given the option to stay
here or go there, only go there
if there resides in the past.

Perform tasks, but only the tasks
that are absolutely necessary, and the
ones that you already know you can do.

That with which you do not come into contact
cannot hurt you. This includes your own self.

Create a perfect world, and then inhabit it.
Do this in a way that nobody else can observe.

Treat all scenarios in which
you find yourself as unrelated.

The word life refers to the condition when
a person has red fluid moving through their
body pumped by an organ in their chest.
Any other connotations do not exist.