What Would Make Apple Music
Fulfill My Wildest Dreams

Dear Apple,

I think you have done some great stuff with Apple Music. I love being able to tell Siri pretty much any song I’d like to hear and then hear it. I love being able to save songs offline on my iPhone so I can listen to them when I’m flying in the sky on planes. And I love that I got to watch a Taylor Swift concert for free with my friends while we were playing Settlers of Catan a few weeks ago.

But I am writing to let you know what Apple Music desperately lacks. I am writing because I would really like for Apple Music to be even greater soon than it is today.

Right now, I can’t trust Apple Music to manage all my music. I want to be able to, but I can’t. The main reason I can’t is Apple Music doesn’t know how to tend to the live music I have in my library.

Sufjan Stevens is one of the best songwriters we have living today. I saw him live two nights in a row last year. Both his lyrics and his music are poignant and touching. I have all his albums in my music library, and on top of his albums, I have live bootlegs I downloaded off the internet. The bootlegs are amazing because for many of his songs, the live versions essentially amount to remixes and re-imaginings of his already great music.

But if I merge my music into iCloud Music Library and sync my live Sufjan tracks into the cloud, once I download them on my iPhone, I discover sadly they have almost all transformed into studio versions.

You guys already know this, but it seems like Apple Music is identifying songs based on their title and artist, rather than on what really makes them unique, which is how they sound. What would make Apple Music hands down the only music service I need would be matching songs based on some sort of audio fingerprint.

You can probably tell by this point that I love music very deeply, just like Steve did. I hope the Apple Music team continues to do great work so that the service can become even better for people like me.

Thank you for reading all this. I hope you guys are having a great day over there in Cupertino.

Warmly and gratefully,
Doogie Proffitt
Charlottesville, VA

PS If you’re interested in reading even more Apple Music feedback from me, you can read a humorous tweet storm I wrote a while back. I can’t currently find an easy way to link to a tweet storm, so the best I can do is to tell you that it starts with this tweet.