On Homes

A home is a very personal place. My home is where I sleep, trusting its walls and the community around me with my safety. My home is where I bathe, removing all my clothing so I can see and clean every part of me. And my home is where I eat many of my meals, often with people I trust as my friends.

So when I set out to build a home for my writing, I knew it would be a personal place. The poems I have published here crawled out from the deep reaches of my soul and experience. I hope your encounter with them has brought you into a depth, the sort of depth that raises you once you have left it.

But there’s more to life than bathing, and there’s more to writing than poetry. As such, today I’m posting a letter I wrote to a company I’ve followed with interest for more than a decade concerning a subject that’s captivated me even longer. It’s not poetry. Or you know what, maybe it is. It’s a new family member in this home.