To the Lovers
Who Sat Next to Me
as from Boston
I Flew Away

Thank you for sharing with me
the news of your entire life,
your honeymoon in the lands
of Skyline and Blue Ridge
where many times I have walked,
your son’s interest in software
and the work he finds along
that central river Charles,
your other middle-aged son,
his romantic hiking partner
and steady friend and the way
that global web brought them near,
your nearly fifty-three years
as a kindly wedded couple,
your wife’s love of but one
strong beverage known
colloquially as the piña colada,
your husband’s sly glee
to lead you by the hand to a
Caribbean island to drink them,
and the paradox of your knowing
“nothing about romance”
as you approach from the air
your awaiting honeymoon suite.

I will safely tuck your lovely,
short, hovering brown hair and
your well-seated gray mustache
with joy and wonder into
the photo album my mind keeps.